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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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i was so shocked when i think about his wife. >>reporter: she sits in silence clinging to a picture of her husband. to the person that did this the family has a message. >> person who took somebody's life for a few dollars i don't think it was worth it. a family a devastated they will suffer forever. >>reporter: phoenix police have been working around the clock to try to find the guy who did reward for any information leading to an arrest. such a hard week especially for this community and of course the victim's family. we go to buckeye were several law enforcement agencies gathered to search a large area near i-10 and miller for the missing 10 -year-old boy, jesse wilson. the fbi, mcso and buckeye police doing a secondary search
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rechecking to make sure they did not miss anything. buckeye police chief larry hall says when there is very little information to go on officials think of possible scenarios and test theories. >> this is a child the disappeared in the middle of the night so there's a lot of different scenarios we have to play out. one of the scenarios is that he might have been dumped in the desert. >>reporter: police continue to get hundreds of tips every da jesse's disappearance, call buckeye police at the number on your screen 63-349-6411. the wife of one of the men killed after a tragic accident inside an underground grain silo speaking only to 12 news. she tearfully talked about her husband. charly edsitty has the emotional interview. they also spoke to the couples daughter.
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devastated over the loss of christian who emigrated from the united states -- from a mania to the united states almost 20 years ago and took extreme pride in being the sole provider for his family. >> such little time to spend with him here on earth, just 11 years like one second for me. >>reporter: the sudden loss of 33 -year-old has taken and loved him. >> he was the best dad [ speaking emotionally ] i ever had i want him to still be here. >>reporter: close family say he was a godly man, a musician, photographer and father to seven and four -year-old. >> after coming to the united states in 1988 he learned to speak english and was a truck driver who always put his family first. >> he always had a smile on his face when he was talking about
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>>reporter: phoenix fire says he tried to save dr. william tryon and juan pablo garcia when they become stuck in a grain silo they had very little oxygen. he will be greatly missed. >> his smile [ speaking emotionally ] and how he played the guitar. >> the best guy in the world [ speaking emotionally ] he will never forget him. >>reporter: a go fund me account set up to support his time and finances to put into our kids. >>reporter: we posted the link to the online account on our 12 news on page and the only surviving victim of the accident, juan pablo garcia, still listed in critical condition tonight. monsoon 2016 bringing more thunderstorms to the valley
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while rain fell in several spots the east valley ended up getting clobbered the most. as you can see not only parks ended up getting flooded the fast-moving water also covered this tennis court in mesa. a live look outside on our camera downtown. a few clouds in the distance, plenty of sun so far this evening. team coverage on monsoon 2016 beginning with ryan cody live in mesa ar s with the aftermath of flooding there? >>reporter: in several places they are. we are now seven-eight hours after rain fell here in mesa. as you can see plenty of standing water in certain places. because nobody was able to play horseshoes here today doesn't mean there were people happy to have rain. >> favorite time of year in arizona. >>reporter: the monsoon means money for them. >> a lot of this stuff gets
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some of the stuff we did two weeks ago already clogged from everything. >>reporter: the city of mesa contracts the company to clean storm drains so water has a place to go. >> you find all kinds of stuff close, trash, leaves. we found bike rams, car tire pieces, paraphernalia. >>reporter: which gets in the way especially when it rains as hard as it did thursday. >> relentless. it came down really harder and harder. >>reporter: no horseshoes here today as these courts are still about it foot underwater several hours after rain fell. >> we have a had flooding in any homes but we have a pool where the ball courts are supposed to be. >>reporter: a minor inconvenience for some but a way of life for others. >> keeps us in business. it is fun, cools us down especially during the hot days.
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>>reporter: it may look like an inconvenience but exactly the people who designed the smitty wanted water to go in the monsoon, a better place for then in any of the homes. we are able to report there is no damage to anybody's resident -- residents in this community. it certainly is a very active day out there. some locations picked up over an inch and a half but right now fairly clear as far as radaon tracking a couple spots the first near quartzite along the i-10. a few thunderstorms there but heavier stuff is toward the east sitting southwest of show low, slowly making its way east so pinetop lakeside could see activity also near white river. the one area i want to show you, no rain right now but actually a flood warning in effect south of casa grande. this is until 3:15 tomorrow.
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water that is standing so we will keep you posted on a. another chance of storms moves into our forecast. hot headlines developing at 5:00. tense moments between police and an armed woman and bullhead city earlier today. 47 -year-old desiree silvis eventually taken into custody after a three-hour standoff with police. investigators say the situation began after they were called to her home because of a she is accused of firing one rifle round in the direction of one of the officers and barricading herself in a bedroom. the standoff ended peacefully. she is in custody. the search continues for the serial street shooter. phoenix police say the man in this sketch has killed at least seven people. if you have any information you can remain anonymous by calling silent witness. some developing news from
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for the 2024 summer games? >> the international olympic committee has officially reprimanded la for allowing the media to come to the the -- the ioc will select a host city in about it year. we will see what must-see competition in prime time. vanessa ruiz live in rio with more on who to watch for later on tonight. >>reporter: it is going to be an incredible night of competition. i have to tell you you want to grab the popcorn and get comfortable because it will be a thriller. some of the biggest athletes coming together tonight.
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we will start with some own bile, now called the best gymnasts of all time. with good reason. she is commanding the spotlight tonight here at the olympics as an american superstar. she goes for the gold in the individual all-around final. another gymnast, aly raisman also in the competition. and then there is the final dual in the pool american swimming stars michael phelps and ryan lochte. these two have been battling each other in the 200 m in the olympics since 2004. we basically have seen these two swimming superstars grow up before our very eyes and inside the pool. telling you guys i am sure tonight will not disappoint. between gymnastics and swimming, is going to be an incredible night of prime time
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i can't wait. i know what happens but i won't spoil it for you. it really truly is worth watching. >> i will call you after the newscast and find out. >> that idea. you seen it during olympic coverage, fun in dc. >> the parents of these olympians ride a roller coaster of emotions as they watch their kids compete. >> we are capturing some of those magical moments coming up at 6:30. >> parents have been through the entire journey as well so especially aly raisman's parents getting headlines as well. >> they deserve a gold medal for all the sacrifice. >> it is a village it takes a village. >> also donald trump first now hillary clinton is unveiling her economic plan ahead of the november election. >> what you can learn after call 12 for action helps the
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problem with his new bluetooth headset. time for social sound off. a new list out of the most pet friendly cities in the country. where in the valley two people love their pets the most? let us know on social media using the hashtag #social sound off and we will give you the answer on 12 news at 6:00. ready for olympic coverage keep it locked right here all
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. in a few days after republican presidential candidate donald trump unveiled his economic plan, today democrat hillary clinton was in michigan to reveal here's. >> it includes one quarter trillion dollars to create what democrats believe would be million new jobs. also pushing for tuition free college for the middle class, prophet sharing for workers and tax hikes on the wealthy, wall street and the corporation. republican presidential candidate donald trump not backing down on his claim that barack obama founded the islamic state group and has called hillary clinton his cofounder. in a speech earlier today, the gop nominee also focused on clinton's economic plan calling
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regulations. the clinton campaign calls trump's isis charge false. keeping track there are 87 more days until election day in november. when a product failed under warranty again and again, a man in apache junction felt like he was getting the runaround. >> so he decided to call 12 for action. what happened next. >> they say third time is the charm but not the case for norm. he had a bluetooth headset that failed. the replacement next replacement failed too, three headsets. he wanted a refund so the company would not call him back. he decided to call 12 for action. one of our volunteer investigators to kiss call and heard his frustration the company decided to cut him a check and send him a refund.
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yourself under warranty, follow regulations but if all else fails call channel 12 we will help you out. >> here is how contact us call 602 oh-260-1212 or fill out our online form right now. go to 12 calm. >> i thought it was a great start waking up to rain and thunder. >> lucky you. i did not get that. things about to change here is matt pace with the full forecast. >> some things quickly going to change you will feel them as early as tomorrow. today still pretty nice, extremely humid. still see a few clouds up there, a slight chance of thunderstorms but look at the high temperature, idea degrees well below the average high. what is going to happen is this dry air in southern california quickly move into the state, temperatures will warm very quickly by the weekend. before tomorrow, 104 but no
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those remain in the northern and eastern portion of our state where the monsoon meter is the highest with a 3 over the white mountains 2 northern arizona, 1 in the valley. the next seven days 106 by sunday. and a slight chance of thunderstorms comes back in the forecast wednesday and thursday. we are a little over 24 hours away from the cardinals kicking off their preseason schedule when they host the oakland raiders tomorrow at the university of phoenix stadium. here are three things i will be looking for is the game unfolds. number 13 wide receiver brown has primarily made his mark on special teams though he has had his moments filling in as wide receiver but he has opened a lot of eyes as receiver in camp. every day it seems he is getting behind the secondary for a touchdown. we will see if he can carry that over against the raiders.
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guy i will be keeping an eye on. cardinal second round pick in 2004 draft but has missed time due to injury and has not played up to expectations. that has changed. he is making a whole lot of noise and this could be his breakout season. finally i will be watching the play of number 26 third round draft pick random williams. likely he will play a lot. cochairing said starters would is a starter right quarterback -- quarterback. he has earned the starting job and arian said the job is his even when . have the diamondbacks found a diamond in the rough? back with that.
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arizona diamondbacks. they give up a whole lot to acquire shelby miller from the braves thinking he would be the number two starter behind zack greinke. big time currently in the running meantime this guy pitcher braden shipley called up made a third straight holiday start this afternoon in new york pitching seven shutout innings leading the diamondbacks to a 9-0 win to complete the three-game sweep of the minutes in his last three starts. is only giup innings of work. check it out michael bidwell you have a athletic director and head coach rich rodriguez right there. chandler high school coach sharing a hug commiserating the loss -- bidwell in the cardinals opening their doors to the tempe facilities after heavy rain and flooding in tucson made it impossible for
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team and our program and we are all huge cardinals fans anyways. there is much more. i am proud to have those guys as friends and fortunate they will help us out. >> i don't want to say anything but i think michael bidwell just might be in line for the 12 sports mvp award. >> a cool >> tonight at 10:00 quite the show in the skies the perseid meteor shower will peak. we will tie the best time to get outside and start days. why this year's shower is said to be one for the record books. >> as we head to break more stunning images from rio. 12 news is your olympic
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. letting voters decide whether to legalize small amounts of marijuana. >> the issue making it on the ballot and up big push to rally support before november's election. >> put more emphasis on enforcement of other drugs. >> how supporters are looking to sway your vote before you
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was a gold medal this summer for best decorated house it would definitely go to scottsdale homeowner barrett hoch house. >> he even has a tv in his driveway for neighbors to check out the big games. tonight we are going to do just that. join us for the watch party tonight at 10:00. >> i am sure his neighbors must love him. >> everyone come by. >> i love it exactly where i want to watch the olympics and 12 news always on get the latest news is a happens no matter where you are on 12 and are 12 news app. and your favorite social media
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breaking news tonight from rio. golden girl. simone biles wins the all-around gold medal for the usa and aly raisman takes silver. a dazzling display as america's katie ledecky blows the competition out and tonight it's phelps versus lochte. one of the greatest rivalries of all time. deadly explosion. a major rescue operation after fire rages through an apartment building. dramatic escapes and a frantic search for the missing. roller coaster horror. a child plunges off a ride in pennsylvania days after shocking accidents at a water


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